Walk My Dog

What is it?

Walk My Dog is a challenge to get moving with our pups, and we are getting EVERYONE involved! Just by walking with your pup, you are earning a chance to win prizes along the way! From our neighbors down the street to the ones across the river, we are challenging YOU and your dogs to get out there!

Why do it?

Think: Improved mental and physical health (hello 10k step goal!), exploring new spots in Denver you may have never known existed, and discovering local businesses that are hidden gems. 

Whether you're hiking up a mountain or a stroll down the sidewalk - track your mileage with us through the month of May & June for a chance to win some amazing prizes!!

How it works.

You walk your pup, let us know when and for how long, and win prizes. Simple, right?! We'll break it down for you below:

  • Step 1: Register yourself and your canine friend through this platform.
  • Step 2: Track and log the miles you and your dog walked each week.
  • Step 3: Follow us on Instagram for our "Weekly Challenge" announcements to participate in a chance to win awesome (and we mean awesome) goodies from local businesses.
boy walks dog

The Prizes.

There are TWO ways you can win prizes each week.

1. Prizes Based On Weekly Mileage

Each week, we will reward all walkers who hit their weekly milestones!

  • 1 mile - Sploot Tennis ball + stickers
  • 3 miles - Sploot sunglasses + coozie
  • 7 miles - Walk My Dog Denver T-shirt + bandana
  • Our TOP THREE walkers at the end of the 8 weeks will receive a customized Yeti bowl and Sploot Nalgene water bottle

Log your miles, and come claim your prize at our Highlands Clinic! Don't forget to take a photo with your swag!

2. Prizes Based On Weekly Challenges

Our sponsors will propose a challenge every week! Submit a photo of you completing that challenge on social media using the hashtag #WalkMyDogDenver and tag @splootvets and the business.

The winners will be picked at random every week, and the winner will receive a prize from the local biz.

The Sponsors.

Our first month's sponsors have been released! See you out there, walkers, and remember to check back in on Instagram for our second month's drop!

Outdoor Voices

OV is on a mission to Get the World Moving, because we believe Doing Things — moving your body and having fun with friends — is the surest way to a happy and healthy life.

Leever's Locavore

Leever's Locavore is the favorite innovative grocery store + food hall of Highlands. From local snacks + sushi, to coffee + local kombucha, they have you covered!

Empourium Brewing

Their focus is on providing clean, crisp, sessionable beer to our neighborhood and community. Local brews, local hangs, local people. What more could you ask for!?

Our Exercise Brand

Our Exercise Brand brings you sweatproof jewelry. Their jewelry is made with high quality and hypoallergenic metals that withstand everyday wear.

Family Pupz Logo

Family Pupz

Family Pupz' mission is to help you build the the best relationship with your pup. They specialize in providing the most current, science-based and positive dog training and doggy doula® services.

SweatNet logo


Are you looking for your next adventure? Wanting to make some great connections, meet new people, and hit up some seriously fun events? SweatNET is for you! They are responsible for some of the most fun events in Denver this summer!

The Green Collective Denver

The Green Collective

Your summer go-to spot for smoothie bowls, toast flights, fresh-pressed juices, coffees, and MORE! They believe food should not only taste good, but make you feel even better. We agree, and show our support by being there, well, every day.

Sploot Vets Denver

Sploot Veterinary Care

That's right, it's us! We are redesigning the veterinary experience. We support you and your pet whenever you need us - from wellness to urgent pet care cases that cannot wait. The best care for your pet, always!

Sign up and join the movement (literally!)

Register on computer with dog

With a simple sign-up form, you are ready to start tracking your mileage, conquering challenges, and winning prizes!

Start logging your miles to win!

Track mileage

Track how far you walk, select your week, log your distance, and watch the miles rack up.


What is Walk My Dog?

Walk My Dog is a program that invites the community to walk their dog, track their miles through our portal, and win prizes for doing so! We want to encourage our community to exercise their pups (and themselves!) to benefit their physical and mental health, while getting to know their neighborhood.

Who can participate?

Everyone and anyone with their pup!

When does it start?

It will start Sunday, May 1, 2022 and go through June 30, 2022.

How do I track and log my mileage?

You can use any tool you like, from activity apps, iPhone step trackers, or old-fashioned mapping. You can log your miles by following this link, which also can be found above. You will be asked your name and email, the week, and the number of miles. This is all based on an "honor system," and it is up to you to submit them accurately.

What're the prizes?

You can find the list of prizes here! We will be gifting various items from Sploot for prizes based on mileage, and our partnered local businesses will be gifting their own items/services based on weekly challenge participation.

What are the weekly challenges?

Weekly challenges are presented by our partners weekly, and will be announced via social media every week. Make sure to stay on the lookout every Sunday in the months of May and June for the next one! Check our Instagram here.

Does it cost anything?

Nope! This is a completely free event put on by Sploot Veterinary Clinic and our partners.

Do I need to complete my miles with a dog?

Yes! The goal is to encourage our community to get active with our canine friends. If you don't have a pup of your own, find a friend that does, or reach out to a local shelter or rescue to inquire about walking a few adoptable pups!

Do I need to run?

Not if you don't want to! Any mile counts - a meander, walk, jog, run, jaunt are all amazing.

How long do I have to complete the challenge?

You have two months to complete the challenge! There is no set amount of miles needed to participate, just as many as you can in the months of May and June.

If I have more than one dog, can I get double the miles for them?

Unfortunately, you cannot "double" your miles with two pups, although we are very impressed you are walking them both at the same time! If, however, you are walking them separately, then yes, those count as two separate walks.